Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oriental Insurance

Oriental Insurance

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd

The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd was established at Mumbai on 12th September 1947. The Company was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Oriental Government Security Life pledge Company Ltd and was constituted to involve made known General Insurance business. Its controller personnel is situated at New Delhi having 26 Regional Offices and near 900+ operating Offices in a variety of cities of India. The Company has overseas operations in countries Nepal, Kuwait and Dubai. The bring in Premium all through 2008-09 time stood at a fine whole of Rs. 4077.90 crores. The Company is not single IT friendly, other than furthermore equipment savoir-faire. The Oriental Insurance Company has been enjoying the highest rating as of leading Indian credit rating agencies CRISIL and ICRA and has been rated equally B++(Very Good).

Health Insurance Products include:-

- Bhavishya Arogya

- Gramin Accident Insurance

- assemble Insurance Policy

- party Mediclaim Policy

- Jan Arogya Bima

- Universal Health Insurance Scheme