Thursday, November 5, 2009

AA Travel Insurance Says Holidaymakers Should Not Travel Without Insurance this Year

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AA Travel Insurance has come forward and noted that all holidaymakers should avoid taking any trips this year if they do not get travel insurance. Although this is the kind of advice that is good no matter what the market is like, this year experts are saying that this advice counts double.

Due the the recent problems in the airline industry, like the collapses of XL Airways, Sliverjet and Zoom, many passengers have found themselves without refunds and without a flight. Since the economy is still looking bad for the airline industry, passengers need to find a way to protect themselves from these collapses, and travel insurance could be just what they need.

Airlines, like British Airways, have been having a fair amount of trouble this year - not only with growing debt, but with staff as well. British Airways could be looking at a strike this coming holiday season, which could leave a lot of passengers with no flight due to cancellations. The announcement of the possible strike came just after British Airways showed off its plans to change working conditions and offered redundancies and pay freezes in November.

This was something that the British Airways cabin crew was not happy with, and thus, the strike ballot was called for. As of now no one is sure if there will be a strike or not, which has left a lot of passengers unsure of what they should do. Travel insurance is something that can help holiday travelers sleep better at night, knowing that they are covered.

A spokesperson for AA Travel Insurance said that the airline industry is faced with many problems this year. Travelers have to be able to protect themselves from failing airlines, and travel insurance is just the ticket they need.