Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Affinion Group Challenges Traditional Pay-Per-Trip Model of Travel Insurance Plans

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Affinion Group Challenges Traditional Pay-Per-Trip Model of Travel Insurance
Launches "Everyday Travel Insurance" Which Can Automatically Provide Travel
Insurance Coverage to Individuals and Families Any Time They Travel More than
100 miles from Home.

NORWALK, Conn., Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Affinion Group, a global leader in
customer engagement solutions and one of the ten largest travel and leisure
agencies in the US, today unveiled an alternative to the traditional model of
pay-per-trip travel insurance. By launching an ongoing subscription-based
model for the purchase of travel insurance plans, dubbed "Everyday Travel
Insurance," Affinion has created a perpetual travel insurance plan that can
automatically cover insureds and their families any time they travel more than
100 miles away from home.

This newly-offered insurance plan covers all forms of travel, whether by car,
air, train or boat, and can be purchased for either individual or family
coverage. According to the United States Travel Insurance Association's
travel insurance market survey from 2006-2008, Americans spent more than $1.58
billion in 2008 on all types of travel insurance. Additionally, according to
the US Travel Association, almost one third of adults have taken at least five
weekend trips in the past year, generally without a travel insurance plan to
with help reimbursement for a cancelled hotel reservation, stolen baggage,
unexpected medical expenses/emergencies or 24 hour assistance services.

"Whether it's a weekend visit to the beach or an amusement park, driving the
children to college, or visiting relatives over the holidays, we're aiming to
provide a travel plan to individuals and families to cover all of their travel
routines," said Tom Rusin, CEO of Affinion North America. "We're challenging
the notion that travel insurance should only cover the stand-alone, more
expensive trips, and providing an affordable option so that anyone who even
occasionally travels more than 100 miles from home can have consistent

"Everyday Travel Insurance" can provide insureds with automatic travel
coverage any time they are traveling more than 100 miles from home. The
program, which is currently being tested with leading financial institutions,
is offered with the following:

-- $1,000 trip Cancellation coverage
-- $1,000 trip Interruption coverage
-- $500 - lost/stolen/damaged baggage and travel documents coverage
-- $1,500 travel delay allowance (up to $150 per day)
-- 24/7 Assistance Services

-- Additional services for emergencies that can happen during a trip

"Everyday Travel Insurance" is reasonably priced for individuals and families,
and is available in 48 states, excluding North Dakota and Vermont.*

For more information, please visit www.affinion.com.

About Affinion Group
Affinion Group is a global leader in providing comprehensive customer
engagement and loyalty solutions that enhance or extend the relationship of
millions of customers with many of the largest and most respected companies in
the world. Affinion partners with these leading companies to develop and
market programs that provide valuable services to their end-customers using 35
years of expertise in customer engagement, creative design and product
development. These programs and services enable the company's marketing
partners to strengthen their customer relationships, as well as generate
significant incremental revenue, as well as strengthen their relationships
with their end-customers, which can lead to increased acquisition of new
customers, longer retention of existing customers, improved customer
satisfaction rates and the increased use of other services provided by our
marketing partners. Based in Norwalk, Conn., the company has approximately
3,500 employees throughout the United States and in 10 countries across
Europe, and markets in 14 countries globally. Affinion holds the prestigious
ISO 27001 certification for the highest information security practices, is PCI
compliant and Cybertrust certified. For more company and investor information
visit www.affinion.com.

*This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available. The Policy
will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions.
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