Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't Let a Neglected Auto Insurance Policy Make Aggravating Holiday Driving Even Worse

car insurance

Consumers are already busy planning trips
for Thanksgiving, one of the busiest times of year for travel in the United
States. It will be bumper-to-bumper traffic soon, so urges
consumers to double check their auto insurance policies before heading out
this season to make sure they are adequately prepared for any unexpected

"With more drivers spending more time on the road this time of year, the
potential for accidents is greater," says Sam Belden, vice president at "Many drivers are traveling long distances, renting unfamiliar
cars and carpooling with friends and family, so it's important for drivers to
take the proper safety precautions and also make sure they have the right auto
insurance coverage for any incidents that could occur."

Drivers that are not insured for multiple drivers or damage to rental cars may
want to consider shopping for a new policy. Car insurance rates have come down
significantly since last fall, so those shopping for a new policy could add
additional coverage and still save hundreds of dollars a year. According to's October RateWatch report, the average rate quoted to drivers
last month was $1,804 per year, compared with $1,949 last fall. Those who
shopped and switched policies using the site in October saved an average of
$536 a year.

The RateWatch report data is based on the lowest average car insurance rates
quoted to consumers in each state. See the complete car insurance rate report.