Saturday, November 14, 2009

The middle class loses

car insurance

As a political conservative, it is difficult for me to support many of the changes the Democratic-run house and President Barack Obama have brought to the table.

The United States’ health care system has been a debacle since before I was born. I am not a supporter of a national health care system but I am in favor of the government hammering the health insurance system.

I hope the government is not hiding information from us. Health insurance is almost impossible to obtain at a fair cost. I also notice this plan will punish people who do not have health care insurance. There is an interesting bond between insurance companies and the government in this country, whether they want to admit it or not.

I can’t rent an apartment without renter’s insurance, I can’t drive a car without car insurance and now I will be punished if I choose not to obtain health coverage. When does the insurance nightmare end?

I wouldn’t be as upset if insurance rates were lower. I was told by my insurance company that my car insurance rates would go down when I turned 25. My insurance rates have gone up because of the poor economy. My health insurance rates have gone up every year since I began purchasing insurance out of pocket.

Something tells me my taxes will begin to be affected if this bill is enacted. Half of my income goes toward insurance and taxes.

The middle class loses again.