Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Time for UK Homeowners to Recalculate the Cost of Home Insurance Has Come

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This week, according to major UK household insurers, is expected to bring the number of home insurance claims up by 350%.

Such holidays as Halloween and Bonfire Night, which are traditionally associated with fireworks and bonfires, bring scary consequences not only to homeowners, but to home insurers as well. This week is also a time for many homeowners to understand that they are not adequately insured (under-insured or over-insured).halloween_insurance

In the opinion of head of insurance at an online British comparison source, Mr. Darren Black, many Brits tend to overestimate their buildings insurance as they rely on the price of house itself rather than on the cost of rebuilding it; this increases the insurance premiums by 20% on average. Mr. Black encourages all homeowners either to consult an insurance agent or to check the rebuilding value of a property at the website of the Association of British Insurers prior to making any decision associated with the purchase of building insurance.

While overestimating building insurance, UK homeowners tend to underestimate their contents insurance, as, according to Mr. Black, approximately 50% of all Brits are under-insured. He says that despite the fact that, on average, contents of a 3-bedroom house, is worth £45,000, people generally insure it for no more than £20,000-£25,000 since they neglect such major items as carpets, curtains, clothes, etc. We have earlier reported that, according to LV=, the vast majority of UK homeowners under-estimate the value of their wardrobes by almost 100%.

Mr. Black recommends that all homeowners include costly items into their contents insurance as it typically does not take the insurance premiums up. If it does, however, homeowners are always free to choose from a number of other UK home insurers. The best rules for purchasing an attractive insurance cover are: not to accept the first quote and not to update the insurance policy automatically, says Ms. Hayley Parsons, founder of Gocompare.