Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whoa! We need logical health care reform

health care reform

Why are our president and Congress so hell bent on passing a health care bill immediately? What's wrong with taking time to correct ills that will impact a bill of this magnitude and complexity? Why not have bills that plan our way to a good bill?

A few programs that could bring down the price of the proposed bill and have a smaller impact on our federal budget and society are:

1. A program assisting high school graduates seeking medical careers and timed so that more doctors and professionals are available when the bill is passed. This would alleviate wait times for care.

2. An acceptable program to computerize all medical records in the country.

3. A bill for medical tort reform, addressing the number of cases and settlement amounts. The bill should address the medical insurance charged doctors and monitor a decrease in medical costs.

4. A program to address fraud and overcharges in Medicare and Medicaid.

5. A plan to address preventative medicine. For example, an obesity plan would include measures to help people lose weight and monitor their progress. A Time magazine article claimed that Medicare has gone up $178 billion because of obesity.

6. An agreeable immigration bill acceptable to the majority of Americans that would provide a more accurate account of how many people would be picked up in the health care bill.

There are a number of other areas that could be tied to programs pointing to a future trigger coinciding with the passage of a good health care plan. What's wrong with government planning and passing a number of programs aimed at making a big one successful?

We need commonsense politicians with insight, patience, and perseverance to plan and pass laws that will not bankrupt our country.