Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Johnson Insurance

Johnson Insurance

Medical Travel, Medical Tourism Interview by means of Keith Johnson - self-determining Insurance Broker

Keith Johnson has been an self-determining insurance broker for ended 25 years, working specifically in the self funded industry. Recently he took approximately time to speak by means of me in this area his contemporary trip to Korea.

"When I grasped the the makings with the intention of Medical Tourism has - here are enormous ramifications here, - I at once began working to promote Corporate Medical Travel/Medical Tourism to equally a lot of self funded plans sponsors equally we may possibly."

Keith introduces the thought of Medical Tourism to corporate America realizing with the intention of a tourism element is vacant to befall a great deal other striking to a corporation as it is self- funded.

Here are two ways for a corporate entity to provide benefits to their employees, from side to side a fully insured program such equally Blue thwart otherwise a self- funded program where the corporate entity decides to get on a great deal of the expose in insuring its personnel.

By means of a fully insured program the insurance carrier, such equally Blue thwart administers the benefits program and the corporation pays money on a monthly basis for them to do with the intention of.

In a self- funded program, as a replacement for of paying premiums they are able to deposit money in the bank and shell out party claims themselves. Since self funded programs can befall re- insured, they be inflicted with a graze off point for all claim, other than they are motionless vital to shell out up to the reinsurance limit for those equally well equally for the total assemble.

For a company with the intention of is self- funded, Medical Tourism is fantastic. These companies are able to save enormous amounts of money, so Keith is attracting the appeal of a lot of companies with the intention of are self- funded. Actually generous corporations don't be inflicted with reinsurance at all; they solely shell out one claims outright. Ended 70% of all corporations are self-funded, Ford and Chrysler for model. Mega conglomerates are near permanently self- funded. It is as you create looking at companies under 500 employees with the intention of the numbers energy down to 50% being self - funded and companies while businesses by means of under 100 employees are typically by a fully-insured benefits program.

In October of 2009, Keith accompanied Jeff transporter and litigate Hart to Korea on a tour to make famous prospective clients by means of Korea's exceptional health care system, along by means of a assemble of other influential insurance brokers, benefit consultants and health care plan sponsors (employers).

The assemble toured six Korean facilities in Seoul, a city by means of a population of ended 10 million people. Keith continuously found himself impressed by the high degree of equipment and the quality of together facilities and the care existing.

"The accent they placed on robotics was exceptionally impressive and the hospitals themselves were state of the art. I furthermore felt with the intention of the pride of ownership with the intention of the physicians articulated was extremely telltale. It was extremely a great deal on par by means of one gift in the United States."

Keith continues to educate companies in this area the giant benefits to them in utilizing HealthGlobe to facilitate medical tourism for themselves and their employees; and HealthGlobe continues its mission to discover the best and generally reasonably priced health care for its clients.

Peter Propp is the Chief Marketing detective for HealthGlobe. He believes strongly with the intention of Medical Travel is an valuable trend, other than solely a solution for the wants of companies and those, other than a method to highlight approximately of the inherent issues by means of the healthcare system in the United States.