Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reliance General Insurance

Reliance General Insurance

Bike Theft Insurance Claim - Reliance General Insurance


I had a bike (TVS Apache RTR - 160) insured by means of reliance general insurance.I had lost my bike on 15/11/2009.At once i had filed a justification on this at virtually by police station (Madivala - Bangalore).I had informed in this area the similar to insurance personnel,an detective came and took the particulars of FIR imitation and surveyed the place.With with the intention of i was to waiting to receive the crash as of Police stating non traceable(C- Report).I got this by 5th November2010.With with the intention of the insurance people told me to get a imitation as of RTO personnel stating this theft has been informed to them.

I went to RTO and submitted the suggestion epistle along by means of FIR imitation,C-report.They had acknowledged the similar and agreed me the imitation on 7th Jan 2011.At that time I went to the insurance people,other than they denied to get the ID for claim stating the time has been elapsed for claiming.At that time they to told me provide a ask for epistle to their company stating in this area the delay happened and ask for to think my claim.I had provided with the intention of on 10th Jan'11.Other than motionless currently here is thumbs down one response as of the insurance company.When I call them, they want say want revert in 1 week other than motionless currently here is thumbs down proper response as of them.

I would ask for to gather in a line a complaint hostile to this and help me in getting the claim.


Sathish Kumar.R
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