Saturday, March 7, 2009

Construction Liability Insurance

Construction Liability Insurance
Construction Liability Insurance

Construction Liability Insurance related with Contractors General Liability Insurance, Construction, and Casualty - Insurance for Businesses from AIG. Construction General Liability Insurance provides coverage for virtually any type of contractor from commercial drywall contractors to electricians.

Features and Benefits at AIG

- Primary General Liability insurance for commercial and residential subcontractors, commercial general contractors, and residential homebuilders. This includes a wide range of contractors which may include, but not limited to: Highway/Street & Road, Water/Sewer/Pipeline/Common/Power, Plumbing/Heating & AC, Painting & Paperhanging, Electrical, Masonry/Stone work, Plastering/drywall/acoustical ceiling, Terrazzo/tile/marble/mosaic, Carpentry, Floor Layer NOC, Water well drilling, Excavation and Residential Homebuilders.

- Lead umbrella & excess liability insurance for commercial and residential subcontractors, general contractors and residential homebuilders. Up to $25 million in lead umbrella limits & excess layers may be available (capacity may be limited depending on the type of risk and attachment. “Buffer” layer liability insurance may also be available.

- Primary GL, lead umbrella and excess liability coverage for a wide range of wrap-up programs (OCIPs or CCIPs), both project-specific and rolling coverage. Up to $25 million in limits may be available, excess of $25M attachments. Other mid-range excess liability layers may also be available, such as $15 million excess of $10 million, on practice and project-specific deals.

- Owner’s Interest Policy which provides the primary GL for the vicarious liability of the owner of land where a construction project is being performed. Up to $25 million in excess limits may be available above an Owner’s Interest Policy.