Friday, June 12, 2009

Personal trainer liability insurance

Personal trainer liability insurance

Insurance is needed by each individual to minimize his economic loss for future security due to any accident or negligence. However, there are various types of insurance that are granted to the individual, depending upon their risk appetite. Many individuals need different type of insurance for protecting themselves from the liabilities. Liability insurance is the type of insurance, which cover the third party claims rather than covering the insured. If there are any of the claims related to the third party, due to any losses to them from the insured or insured assets, due to negligence, the insurance company covers the cost for the unstated and unforeseen claims. Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers are the individual, whose profession is to train the masses in sports activities or health related problems like aerobics, gymnasium, yoga and many more.

What Do Personal Trainer Liability Insurance Means?

The personal trainers are exposed to professional and personal risks, so they are in need to be covered with liability insurance. Various malpractices are also covered for the professional personal trainer, to avoid any economic loss to such persons. The insurance covers both the professional and public liability of the individual, which are considered to be the civil liabilities, as per the regulations. These policies do not cover any liabilities resulting from the criminal act of the concerned insured and it is the basic rule of all the insurance business. The policy is extended to cover the sexual abuse and discrimination activities, which are both considered in the civil and criminal offenses. The cover for these offenses are limited by the company, so a fix amount is paid and if the claim amount is more than limited sum, the insurance company would not be liable to pay more than a fixed sum.

It should be understood that the sexual abuse and discrimination offences are related to the legal defense, so the claimants have to right to get compensated by the company only from a civil procedure. The insurance companies exclude such offences, if both the acts have been proven by the court from the criminal intent on the part of the insured. Many companies exclude the criminal or the violence actions committed by the insured against the third party. So, violence actions are not covered by the companies, whether it was an act of self defense or for any other reasons. If the inured is moving out of the country for starting the profession at the new place, the insurance companies do endorses the policy of the concerned extending the jurisdiction of the policy to the new country. However, it is granted only if the insured is legally allowed to practice his profession in the other country.

Eligibility for Getting Insured for a Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

The personal trainer needs to be qualified for the practice in the respective country. Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers must have to provide all the documents necessary for proving the professional training and education requirement to practice the profession. Only the personal trainers are granted the insurance, which have a clean record from any of the previous claims or any of the case filed against the applicant. The documents proving the same, needs to be submitted to the company with the application. In addition to it, the concerned have to confirm that he has no knowledge of any of the possible future claims against him.