Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Valuables That Raise Homeowners Insurance Quotes

homeowners insurance quotes

Homeowners across the country that have the means in which to supply themselves with nice things often do. Flat screen televisions, laptop computers, diamond rings, rare artwork, and a finished basement are just a few things homeowners purchase to treat themselves. However, at what cost to their homeowners insurance quotes?

The article, titled ’10 Purchases That Increase Homeowners Insurance Quotes’ states, “Because home policies typically cover your personal belongings, insurance providers have to take precaution against any expensive items you buy and their likelihood of being stolen or damaged. The more your belongings costs, the higher your homeowners insurance quotes will increase.”

The specific items that the article lists as risky to insure are:

1. Furniture
2. Pets
3. Jewelry
4. Antiques
5. Electronics
6. Exercise equipment
7. Expensive clothing
8. Artwork
9. Collectibles
10. Home additions

“Pets” might seem a bit out of place in that list of items and rightfully so. However, homeowners who do not list their pets in their homeowners insurance policies could be left without coverage if the pet bites a guest and requires medical attention or files a lawsuit. Including a pet in the policy is purely for liability purposes.

The article urges homeowners to keep in mind that it is important not to sacrifice coverage for cost. Expensive items should be properly insured because anything can happen at any given moment and any homeowner will want their valuable replaced if they are already paying premiums.

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