Monday, September 21, 2009

Motorists still want to go green

esure car insurance

New research shows that despite the recession, 62 per cent of UK motorists polled are considering an electric or hybrid vehicle as their next car purchase, but Government support is key.

Following the reported success of the UK scrappage scheme, the findings issued by esure car insurance reveals that 93 per cent of motorists questioned said that a major motivation for purchasing a greener vehicle would be cash incentives from the Government.

With electric cars headlining this year’s Motor Show in Frankfurt and chef James Martin making headlines following his electric car review, the research shows that only seven per cent of motorists polled are unlikely to purchase a greener vehicle because of the tough economic climate.

Nine out of ten of those motorists polled said they would be more likely to buy a greener vehicle if there was better infrastructure in place for electric cars.

Proving that value for money remains a priority for car buyers, 94 per cent said they would be motivated to ‘go green’ if the technology was cheaper.

Mike Pickard, Head of Risk and Underwriting at esure car insurance, said: “As this week’s Motor Show testifies, car manufacturers are investing huge time and resource into the electric and hybrid market. This is great news for motorists who are concerned about the environment but cannot live without their cars.

“A significant financial incentive to ‘go green’ would make the choice more appealing to many motorists and this is hopefully something that the Government will consider after the success of the second-hand scrappage scheme. In the meantime esure advises motorists to drive greener – and also save money – by adopting fuel-saving measures such as accelerating and braking slowly and checking tyres are fully inflated.”