Monday, September 21, 2009

The O’Neill Group Offers Custom-Designed Personal Insurance Programs

the personal insurance

The O’Neill Group Insurance Agency has taken a strong stance against pre-packaged, “one-size-fits-all” insurance solutions by offering custom-designed personal insurance policies to protect your home, autos, collections, antiques, and other assets from accidents, disasters, theft, and other catastrophes.

Brought on by the current trend of some mainstream companies promotion of “cheap” commodity-type insurance solutions (which may or may not fully cover all of an individual or family’s assets), The O’Neill Group is offering personal and confidential insurance needs analysis and coverage evaluations. During the analysis, a protection specialist will evaluate one’s current policy as well as make appropriate coverage recommendations to best protect one’s assets for the lowest actual cost. Because the O’Neill Group offers a wide range of products from a number of outstanding companies, they can tailor-make a custom policy which provides maximum protection at a cost that is competitive with the lesser quality “off-the-shelf” type insurance programs.

The O’Neill Group currently employs protection specialists that can assist with both personal and professional insurance needs, as well as provide sound insurance advice. To contact Patrick O’Neill or one of the experts at The O’Neill Group, please visit their website at, or simply call 330-334-1561.