Friday, September 25, 2009

Sainsbury's Pet Insurance: Tips to keep your animal healthy

sainsburys pet insurance

Sainsbury's Pet Insurance has offered some advice to prevent animals from falling ill and racking up bills for owners to pay.

Lucy Hunter, a manager at the organisation, prepared the tips following the release of research by the company which showed that £9.3 million is paid out to policyholders through claims linked to pets vomiting or suffering from diarrhoea.

She pointed out that keeping a dog away from pond water can reduce the odds of a canine getting sick, as the bacteria can be bad for pets.

Ms Hunter also suggested using a rubber toy rather than a stick when playing catch, because it is more hygienic.

"Dogs do need to be able to run around, but simple steps can be taken to reduce the chances of them being injured or picking up an illness," she explained.

Sainsbury's Pet Insurance recently reported that 450,000 people had got rid of their pet insurance policies to save money, but that bills from the vet can often make this a false economy.