Sunday, October 11, 2009

Take Care Of Your Home for Homeowners Insurance Savings

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When a person finally owns their own home, they inherit more than just the pride of being the king or queen of their own castle. Being a homeowner also means shouldering the responsibility of protecting the property to the best of their ability. Doing so will yield much lower homeowners insurance quotes, saving homeowners plenty of money annually, says

“Since homeowners insurance companies base your homeowners insurance quotes on how much risk you represent, a sufficiently protected house can significantly lower your risk thus saving you on homeowners insurance,” the article, ‘Property Protection & Your Home: A Guide,’ states.

Protecting one’s home doesn’t have to be a drain on the savings account, and it doesn’t have to even require a lot of time and effort. Here are just a few items and ways suggests to protect one’s home against life’s perils, and save money on homeowners insurance in the process.

• A premier security system to keep burglars out and prevent theft
• Motion sensor lights on the outside of your house to illuminate and scare off any prowlers or potential burglars
• Smoke detectors installed throughout your house to prevent fire
• Fire extinguishers available throughout your house to prevent fire
• A properly maintained fireplace to prevent fire
• Storm shutters installed to prevent significant wind damage to the exterior of your house
• Waterproof veneer installed on your exterior walls and use flood damage resistant materials to prevent flood damage

All of the above will yield significant discounts from a homeowner’s insurance premium.

For more ways to save on premiums, homeowners are encouraged to regularly check local homeowners insurance quotes due to fluctuating insurance market trends. They are also recommended to compare at quotes from at least three companies to find the best rate.