Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abortion’s role in health debate

health insurance

I am a lifelong practicing Catholic, and not an abortion advocate. However the extreme position that the U.S. bishops have taken regarding abortion in the health care bill is self-serving.

The bishops want nothing in the bill to go for abortion funding, but they purchase health insurance for themselves and their employees from insurance companies that provide abortions. If the bishops are really avid about their position on abortion, then they should cancel health insurance for themselves and for all of their employees.

Through their premiums they are paying for abortions. Even if their specific plan does not pay for abortions, they are still contributing to the insurance company coffers. The bishops are advocating that millions not be allowed to have insurance because of abortion. They should gladly make the sacrifice of canceling their insurance so as not to sponsor abortions.

I wonder if I should continue my contributions to the Church since part of that money pays for insurance premiums. Where do we stop with this nonsense?

Victoria Bronson
Overland Park

I applaud those Democrats who chose moral fortitude over party politics in voting for a health care plan that included the Stupak amendment.

Abortion is the ultimate violation of human rights. A health care plan that includes a public option that pays for abortion on demand with my tax dollars is unconscionable. Thanks to the Stupak amendment, this situation was avoided. Women who want abortions should pay for them with their own money, not mine.

Unfortunately my representative, Emanuel Cleaver, chose the low ground.

D’Ann Dreiling