Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mandatory Health Insurance and Forced Flu Vaccinations: Socialism?

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On a recent FOX NEWS newscast tracking H1N1 flu vaccinations, Judge Andrew Napolitano made comments about the Massachusetts legislation bill regarding “forced” flu vaccinations. His comments indicated that he felt the bill was utterly unconstitutional. The bill would give the governor the power to issue a state of emergency and allow law enforcement to forcefully enter a citizen’s home and vaccinate them. There are obvious views on both sides of the fence regarding mandatory health insurance and/or things like “forced” flu vaccinations but Americans are really starting to sit up and take notice on these issues.

According to the NY Times, the state of New Jersey has a new law that by December 31st, parents must have their preschool and daycare children (6 months to 5 years old) vaccinated for flu. According to state epidemiologist, Dr. Tina Tan: We must stop the flu between our kids and we’ll stop it in our communities.
Is Mandatory Health Insurance Constitutional

In an interview with Nicholas Ballasy, a reporter for CNS News, Senator Daniel Akaka (D-HI) said that he “was not aware” of any constitutional right that Congress would have for mandatory health insurance. Meanwhile, Representative John Shadegg (R-AZ) and Tom Colburn (R-OK) are embattled with Congress over legislation that they call “Enumerated Powers Act,” which on every bill would force Congress to give “complete explanation” as to how the bill would have constitutional authority.
Is There Anything Wrong With These Forced Flu Vaccinations

An RN at a local hospital, stood in line at work to get the H1N1 vaccine that the hospital administrators ordered all their employees to get. She was a good nurse and wanted to do the right thing for her patients and getting the vaccine seemed like the right thing to do. The next morning she woke up with a sore throat, by the afternoon her fever was nearly 103 degrees, and by bedtime she could hardly breathe. She had been given the live H1N1 virus vaccine and had to be hospitalized because of the effects. Luckily, she recovered quickly and returned to her nursing duties.

Unfortunately, for thousands of Americans this story is not unusual. Side affects from the seasonal flu vaccine and the new H1N1 vaccine are wreaking havoc on vulnerable populations. Healthcare providers push these flu vaccines claiming that they’re “safe” and necessary.
Ten little-known frightening facts about the flu vaccine.

* Getting the flu vaccine can cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome affects the central nervous system causing paralysis, respiratory distress and even death. It affects about one person per million who get the vaccine. While this may seem like a very rare side affect the instance of GBS can increase in certain vaccine. During the 1976 swine flu outbreak complications from GBS killed more people, 25 out of 500 cases of GBS, than the swine flu which only killed one person. The swine flu vaccine used during this time was immediately pulled off the market and the government discontinued the swine flu vaccine program.

* Getting the flu vaccine does not guarantee immunity from the flu.

According to the CDC there are three main types of influenza; A, B, and C. Of these types there are several different subtypes resulting in at least twenty variants of the flu. The pharmaceutical companies only choose three when making the seasonal flu vaccine. They try to choose the most prevalent at the time but outbreaks happen all the time and any one of the sub-types can cause infection.

* Flu vaccines contain toxic preservatives.

All flu vaccines contain Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative, which accounts for a significant number of the side effects experienced by those who get the vaccine. It also contains aluminum which has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

* Vaccines have been linked to Autism Spectrum Disorders in children.

The CDC will tell you that there is no link between vaccines and autism but Dr. Mary Megson has seen the incidence of autism spike from one in ten-thousand to one in three hundred during her twenty-five years of practice. You can read her testimony to a 200 Senate hearing on vaccines and autism.

* Pharmaceutical companies make money off the flu vaccine.

There are six major pharmaceutical companies that develop vaccines. While the profit margin on the vaccines is relatively low these companies are allowed to retain the patent rights to their vaccines. Since these six companies are the only ones making the vaccines they raise the price of the vaccine during the flu season. Should vaccines be subject to capitalism?

* The Swine Flu vaccine was only tested for a few weeks before it was given to the general public.

The American public has become the guinea pigs for a billion dollar vaccine program. Short and long term side effects are unknown and could potentially be deadly.

* Seasonal flu shot can cause Dystonia.

* Is the flu vaccine an issue for homeland security?

In a post dated 6/18/09, National Vaccine Center president Barbara Loe Fischer stated that the “Department of Homeland Security officials are declaring that any disease outbreak is a matter of homeland security. In some states… doctors have persuaded legislators to pass pandemic influenza legislation that will allow state officials to enter homes and businesses… to investigate and quarantine individuals without their consent.

* Only 20% of flu-like symptoms are caused by Influenza type A and B.

The other 80% are other viruses that aren’t affected by the flu vaccine.

* Actually getting the flu provides longer lasting immunity.

The flu can be dangerous for certain populations like the elderly, those with compromised immune symptoms, and the very young but for the majority of us the flu is just a few uncomfortable days of fever, chills, aches, and general malaise. While this may not sound like a good thing it actually is. Contracting illnesses is the number one way that our bodies build up its defenses to disease. Before the chicken pox vaccine mothers would encourage their healthy children to play with children sick with chicken pox in hopes of contracting the illness and therefore avoiding later complications. This is most certainly not recommended for certain diseases and the above mentioned special population.