Monday, November 16, 2009

Car insurance cost up 13% on last year, says Sainsbury's

car insurance

The price of car insurance has risen by almost 13 per cent in the last 12 months, according to Sainsbury's Finance.

The price of running a car has gone up, with car cover now costing an average of £551.74. Tax and MOT costs have seen an increase of 8.45 per cent and 1.69 per cent respectively.

However, while prices have risen for some areas of driving, others have seen a reduction compared to 2008. Fuel and servicing charges have dropped, with petrol prices now 1.22 per cent less than they were a year ago.

Overall, Sainsbury's Finance estimates the average annual cost of motoring to now be £2,338, a figure which excludes the cost of paying for the actual vehicle.

Earlier research by the financial service provider found that reluctance to haggle over the price of a new car could cost consumers a combined total of £229 million in the next six months.

Ben Tyte, car insurance manager for the finance firm, advised drivers that the way to beat the price increases was by shopping around for the best value deal.