Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Permit Insurance Available For Teenage Drivers?

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One of the greatest days for a teenager is getting their learner’s permit. It is the beginning of a whole new world of independence and freedom. Unfortunately for parents, it is the beginning of a nightmare; your little baby behind the wheel of a car. Luckily, the law allows for ample practice time on the road before your teen driver is unleashed and free to wreak havoc on unsuspecting drivers. For this critical instruction time, insurance companies offer a special policy for those learning to drive.

What Kind Of Insurance Is There

Car insurance for a learning driver can be expensive to purchase independently but by adding your learning driver onto your existing policy, you could save a substantial amount on premiums. The learning driver will be able to have the same type of insurance policy that you have. By adding them to your existing policy they will be covered in the same capacity that you are. It might even be a good idea to upgrade their coverage to comprehensive and uninsured driver coverage if you only carry liability.

What Can Cause A Policy To Be Voided

Allowing your learning driver to drive without an adult, or the age of 21 in the car can most certainly void the conditions of the car insurance policy. If they were in an accident without an adult present not only could they lose their permit and not get their license until they turn 18, the insurance company could refuse to pay out any money on the policy because the conditions weren’t met. Not only is it dangerous for the learning driver and whomever they are in an accident with, it can also cause your insurance company to drop you from their policy. Leaving you without car insurance. It is important to teach your young driver how to be a responsible and respectful driver.