Monday, November 2, 2009

Increased Need Of Homeowners Insurance Quotes For Agents

home insurance

With talks about extending the home buyer tax credit to existing home buyers coupled with the existing tax credit for first time homeowners, the need for homeowners insurance agents has become increasingly important. The affordability of buying a home has resulted in more buyers that would typically have not been in the market in years past. As a result, they are turning to the advantage of low home values before they see prices start to rise again.

Trusted since 2003, has helped thousands of insurance agents and homeowners connect nationwide, providing agents with a cost effective way of generating exclusive leads while at the same time supplying homeowners with an easy way to find their local agent. The site is based on one agent per zip code. When a consumer searches for homeowners insurance and selects the zip code an agent has registered only that agents contact information appears. The consumer can now work exclusively with a local insurance agent in their area. This allows the consumer to connect with their local agent and gives the agent an opportunity to build a rapport with their potential client.

The site works with several insurance advisors to gather relevant information for the site's visitors. The "Learn the Basics" section contains articles such as, "Understanding Credit" "Saving Money" "Lightning Strikes" “Home Insurance Tips” “Burglar Alarm Systems” and much more.