Monday, November 2, 2009

New Free Website,, Allows Users to Compare and Choose Life Insurance

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Itsol Inc. has launched (, a Web site
solely dedicated to helping consumers find the life insurance product most
suitable to their needs - at no cost or obligation.

Life insurance policies enable their holders to provide for spouses, minor or
adult children or other family members who may need financial assistance after
the policyholder's demise. The funds can be used to help children to attend
college, pay bills, loans and mortgages, and numerous other purposes.

"The problem many people face is that it can be incredibly confusing to sort
through the vast amounts of types and limits out there," said Furkat Kasimov
of Itsol Inc., referring to the wide variety of policies, insurance types and
prices consumers face when making a decision. Options include whole life, term
life, variable life, universal life, among others, and some policies even have
introductory restrictions.

"Choosing the right life insurance product means finding a policy that fits
both your needs and your budget," said Kasimov. "When they are able to compare
quotes, individuals are better equipped to make informed decisions about
protecting their families' financial wellbeing." offers quotes on all types of life insurance so that
users can compare life insurance quotes and prices available in their
particular region of the United States. The site's interface is designed to be
user-friendly; visitors enter information in a short form and then click the
"Get My Quotes" button. The site also provides content explaining the reasons
why people may need life insurance, how to choose, how retirement is connected
to life insurance, and answers to an array of other commonly asked questions.

"Our new Web site presents visitors with quotes from several reputable
companies," stated Kasimov. "It's basically one-stop shopping for life
insurance so that users can get the policy and protection that is right for
them without having to pay too much or sacrificing any coverage or security."

"You'd be surprised by how much money you can save on the exact same policy
type and amount by going with a different company," he continued. "Those
savings can add up to hundreds of dollars or more over the years."