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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Itsol Inc. has launched its
new Web site,, to help consumers make the right
decisions about insurance, including finding the best business, health, life
or auto insurance quotes (

The new quote comparison service allows users to acquire preliminary estimates
of an insurance company's rates via quotes provided by licensed insurance
representatives operating in the user's state. "Our service provides access to
a nationwide database containing thousands of insurance providers within the
United States, all at no cost and no obligation," said Furkat Kasimov of Itsol

Instead of representing any insurance provider, supplies
site visitors with information on the lowest insurance quotes available to
them. Once users type their information into its online questionnaire, the
service uses a competitive bidding process to identify up to three companies
with the most competitive insurance quotes. The service sends users a
notification e-mail containing an alert that the provider will be sending
along their quotes as well as a link to a list of the referred insurance
providers and their contact information in case the recipient wants to make
contact immediately.

"The only ones who see the personal details that you type into the online form
are insurance representatives who are obligated to abide by the rules of our
privacy policy," said Kasimov, "and we protect the information you submit from
the threats of identity theft and spam junk mail by using the most
sophisticated secure server encryption technology available."

"The reason that people need to compare insurance quotes is because insurance
rates are not standardized across the industry," explained Kasimov. "One
insurance company may offer certain discounts that another provider does not
have. Also, each company has their own guidelines for assessing risk, which
can also account for price differences. Plus, sometimes an insurance company's
rates has less to do with the individual purchasing the policy and more to do
with offsetting a high number of claims due to a recent natural disaster, for
example. Conversely, an insurance company that had a great year, profit-wise,
may lower rates in order to attract more customers."

In addition to enabling visitors to compare quotes, the Web site contains
comprehensive advice sections on when to buy, how to save on insurance and how
to choose the most appropriate product. Visitors can also access news about
recent changes that different states have made regarding insurance laws as
well as trends that are likely to affect policies. "This Web site will help
users find answers they need, learn how to choose the most suitable insurance
and get multiple quotes," said Kasimov. "It's a one-stop resource for
everything you need to know about insurance."

To learn more and obtain quotes on insurance products, including auto
insurance quotes, visit


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