Saturday, November 14, 2009

Investigators Probing Whether Sparkman Manipulated Death Scene For Insurance Scheme: Report

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The probe into the death of Census Bureau worker Bill Sparkman continues -- and authorities may now be considering a whole new theory of the case.

Two law enforcement sources tell the AP that investigators are considering whether Sparkman committed suicide, but intentionally made it look like murder in order to allow his son to make a life insurance claim. Most life insurance policies don't cover suicides, at least within a certain time frame after the policy begins.

The son, Josh Sparkman, told the AP that he had found paperwork for the life insurance policy among his father's personal files, but wasn't sure about the amount, or when it was taken out.

There have previously been indications that investigators were considering whether Sparkman committed suicide. But not that he may have manipulated the scene.

Sparkman was found in September, in a remote area of rural Kentucky, with a rope around his neck and tied to a tree, his arms and legs bound, a blind-fold over his eyes, and the word "Fed" written on his chest. Because of those details, there has been widespread concern that his death was an act of anti-government sentiment.

Some conservatives are hailing this afternoon's news from the AP as proof that those concerns were off base. "Do you remember when the Left convicted prominent conservatives, myself included, in the death of the Kentucky census worker in September? I do," wrote right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin, before linking to the AP story and charging that "the criminalization of conservatism continues."

But we're a long way from getting all the facts on this one. So we'll avoid drawing any conclusions before there's an official announcement from investigators.