Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swiftcover: Road rage and car insurance

swift cover insurance

Swiftcover has played down US research suggesting drivers with stickers in their vehicles could be more likely to cause accidents and therefore hike car insurance claims.

According to academics in the US drivers with so-called territorial markings such as stickers or ornaments hanging from their rear-view mirrors were more prone to anger – or road rage – behind the wheel.

However UK car insurer Swiftcover has examined its claims history and can find no data to support this research in the British Isles.

Tina Shortle, marketing director of Swiftcover, said: "We have no evidence to increased claims involving cars with sticks and ornaments.

"But perhaps that's because our customers are keeping away from drivers with furry dice."

Research carried out by Swiftcover in the UK found only three per cent of drivers displayed stickers in their car.

Thirteen per cent had an adornment hanging from their rear-view mirror and two per cent admitted to being the owner of a fluffy dice.